Spectrum Health Hosts Health Care Leaders

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Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, MI hosted a visit June 26-27 for members of the Healthcare Value Network, with a focus on the spread of a continuous improvement culture across the system. The Grand Rapids Business Journal reported on the event with an article titled, “Spectrum Hosts ‘Gemba’ Visit for Health Care Leaders: Hospitals are incorporating the same lean principles used in manufacturing,” by Rachel Weick. The Healthcare Value Network unites about 60 healthcare organizations who share a commitment to providing high-quality, cost-effective care through the application of lean concepts.  Alignment for Spectrum Health’s work started in the senior leader Transformation Control Center, and current evidence of alignment to the front line was exhibited at gemba stations in the emergency department, pediatrics office based practice and surgery.  Attendees also saw the application of 2P thinking for the soon-to-be-opened multi-disciplinary clinic. Ron Bercaw, President of Breakthrough Horizons, took attendees on a deeper-dive  of spread thinking, yokoten, in Coffee with the Sensei on day two.  Additionally, guests attended the hospital-wide Daily Check-In (part of the Spectrum safety culture), heard from Patient Family Advisory Council patients about their participation on CPI events and lastly, RIE report outs of recent improvement initiatives.

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