Company Background

Catalysis got its start in 2008. The organization was founded by Dr. John Toussaint, M.D. and CEO. Dr. Toussaint practiced medicine and served as CEO of ThedaCare, a large health system in Wisconsin, for eight years. He is one of the foremost figures in the adoption of lean principles in healthcare.

Dr. Toussaint created Catalysis as a not-for-profit education institute, the first of its kind, to focus exclusively on transforming healthcare value. The Catalysis team listens, collaborates, creates and shares innovative tools with healthcare administrators and providers in the United States and Europe to help transform how health systems do business.

The educational programs and resources created by Catalysis are based on research and work with dozens of leading healthcare systems. It is a collective belief at Catalysis that three key elements are needed to achieve sustainable change in healthcare:

• Patient-centered care delivery
• Payment and incentives based on value and outcomes
• Transparency of performance (quality and cost) throughout the healthcare system