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About Stephanie Van Vreede

Stephanie’s focus is on website administration and customer-focused projects. Before joining the Catalysis in 2010, Stephanie worked in both the paper industry and high tech, in roles that included executive support for CEOs and directors, and shareholder relations. Within these organizations, she also held positions that included public relations, marketing, software training and travel management.

Communication Experimentation

On March 30, 2008, the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value started writing blog posts highlighting successful transformations of healthcare systems.  Over the course of the past eight years, the depth and scope of the Center Point Blog has widened to include the entire spectrum of payment, delivery and transparency.  And as the landscape for improving […]

Bringing a Systems Approach to Health

Gary Kaplan, Virginia Mason; George Bo-Linn, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation; Pascale Carayon, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Peter Pronovost, Johns Hopkins University; William Rouse, Stevens Institute of Technology; Proctor Reid, National Academy of Engineering; and Robert Saunders, Institute of Medicine1 Although the U.S. health system excels in several areas, its overall performance remains uneven in terms […]

Guest Blog – What is the Big Deal about Identifying Waste?

Steph Van Vreede, Operations Manager at the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, shares Lean lessons from her garden. *** “What is the big deal about looking for waste? I am getting my job done, hitting deadlines, things are going smoothly.”  Ever hear this line of reasoning from staff?  As long as customers are not  complaining, […]