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Healthcare leaders all have the best intentions to become better leaders and transform the culture at our organizations. Maybe there are behaviors we want to work on, or maybe we just need to get to gemba more often. The problem is that things tend to get in our way, there is always some other work to be done that we may deem as a higher priority. But what is a higher priority than the culture of our organizations?

We need to make the time and be intentional about making a change.

Recently I had the opportunity to spend time with leaders from Catalysis Healthcare Value Network member Christie Clinic, who brought nine leadership team members to an Executive Site Visit at Cleveland Clinic.  Their intention was to help executive leaders in the organization develop a deeper understanding of their role in a continuous improvement organization and what behaviors are required of them to sustain a culture of improvement.

The Christie Clinic team furthered their Executive Site Visit learning by dedicating the morning after the visit to stay in Cleveland to reflect on what they had seen, then plan for what they will do differently in their organization upon their return. Dr. William Pierce, the CMO at Christie Clinic told me, “The reflection session after our visit to Cleveland Clinic was invaluable, it really helped us focus so we knew what we were going to do differently when we returned to work. Our fear was that if we did not have a plan the pressures of daily clinic work would defeat our intentions.”

Dr. Pierce shared with me some reasons he is glad they attended the Executive Site Visit at Cleveland Clinic:

Codified what they are doing well

Allowed them look at alignment differently

Helped to develop relationships within their executive team

Catalysis offers this same Executive Site Visit experience to all healthcare leaders and encourages Executive Site Visits attendees to follow Christie Clinic’s lead and block purposeful reflection time post-visit to create their own plan for transformation.

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