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Changing Leadership Behavior Gets Real Results

The behavior of senior executives, and especially the CEO, is known to be directly related to an organization’s performance. In 2017, we reported on five behavioral dimensions required to build a culture of continuous improvement: willingness, humility, curiosity, perseverance, and self-discipline. Does changing leader behavior to embody these qualities lead to better patient outcomes? The leadership team at […]

Improving Governance Through Principles

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Published in Healthcare Executive JULY/AUG 2018, authored by Don Shilton, Joseph Sluka, and John S. Toussaint, MD The value imperative is challenging boards to apply Lean principles to governance processes. Many boards are composed of community leaders who are accomplished executives from other industries. Often, these well-meaning board members want to apply their business acumen to the operations of the hospital or […]

The Principles, Behaviors, and Systems Necessary to Build a Culture of Excellence

Originally posted by hfma at: by JOHN TOUSSAINT John Toussaint will be presenting at HFMA’s 2018 Annual Conference, taking place June 24-27 in Las Vegas. This blog post touches on the theme of his presentation, Developing the Principles, Behaviors, and Systems to Build a Culture of Excellence. For more information or to register, go to Healthcare […]

Why Process Is U.S. Health Care’s Biggest Problem

by John S. Toussaint & Kathryn Correia MARCH 19, 2018   Executive Summary A lot of money has been spent on information technology in health care with little to show for it. When it comes to change, the technology is the easiest part. Most health systems in America have or are implementing the EHR. And the vendor processes for […]

One Proven Way to Improve U.S. Health Care: Expand Medicare Advantage

In order to transform the healthcare industry, it is imperative that we focus on three interdependent components: care delivery, payment models, and transparency. Payment transformation is a key component of healthcare improvement. The present payment system, which rewards providers for over-utilization, is seriously flawed. The more procedures we do or patients we see, the more […]

What the CVS-Aetna Deal Means for the Delivery of U.S. Health Care

by John Toussaint, MD December 5, 2017 The landscape for the delivery of health care in the United States is changing, but the traditional care-delivery players are not the change agents. The recent announcement of CVS’s $69 billion deal to acquire Aetna brings an insurer together with a large network of primary care providers: CVS has built […]

Dr. John Toussaint: On Developing Healthcare Leaders

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CEO at Catalysis, Dr John Toussaint, talks about the move towards value-based care and the defining traits of an effective healthcare leader. In the lead up to the Lean Healthcare Summit 2017: Empowering Healthcare Professionals Through Continuous Improvement taking place  in Johannesburg on 7th September, keynote speaker and CEO at Catalysis (formerly ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value), Dr John Toussaint, talks about the move […]

Insights from Leading a Lean Healthcare Revolution

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In the latest article from Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces, Bill Fox interviewed John Toussaint, MD and CEO of Catalysis. Fox created “Insights from Leading a Lean Healthcare Revolution,” based on the information Dr. Toussaint shared regarding his experience adapting and implementing lean methodologies at hospitals and health systems around the world. We are pleased to share […]

Get Innovative: A Message for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

During my tenure as a hospital CEO, one hurdle often seemed insurmountable: getting leaders and staff across the organization to think like innovators. Many leaders suffer from behavioral tendencies and management styles that don’t naturally allow for innovative thinking. Decades of adhering to regulations, organizational procedures and healthcare mandates hinder the ability (or desire) to […]

Five Changes Great Leaders Make to Develop an Improvement Culture

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Optimizing leadership skills is more important than ever, given a fast-changing health care environment rife with competitive new services such as CVS MinuteClinics, virtual second-opinion specialty shops, and offshore 24-hour radiology reading services. To adapt, and survive, organizations must take advantage of every bit of institutional talent. But this can happen only if leaders first […]