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Nemours’ CEO Describes How Healthcare is Broken

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Doing the right thing for the health of a population – in this case improving the health of children with asthma – illustrates exactly why our healthcare system must change. David Bailey, a doctor and CEO of Healthcare Value Network member Nemours, shares his experience with an experiment that brought together a community and improved […]

Improving In-Patient Care at ThedaCare

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Before ThedaCare initiated Collaborative Care at its two urban hospitals, nursing staff sometimes felt they spent more time tracking down supplies and information rather than directly caring for patients. To change that, ThedaCare utilized its lean management tools to completely redesign its hospital patient rooms and how they deliver care to patients. The result is […]

Dayton Physicians Network Cuts Cost in Payment Trial

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Moving away from fee-for-service is widely agreed upon as the only way to improve healthcare value.  Read about the successful outcome of a 3-year trial between Dayton Physicians Network, an oncology group based in Ohio and insurer UnitedHealthcare.   Physicians in the pilot received  bundled payments to cover the cost of their patients’ entire course of […]

Claims Databases Help Docs Boost Quality, Lower Costs

John Toussaint M.D. and Stephen Shortell PHD published an article in Healthcare: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation. The article describes the power of public reporting and publicly available data sets to drive improvement. Read Modern Healthcare’s summation of the article here.

Report to the President on Better Health Care & Lower Costs

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In May 2014, The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology issued a Report to the President on Better Health Care and Lower Costs: Accelerating Improvements Through Systems Engineering.  The report discusses “systems engineering” as the approach to improve healthcare. Two organizations that have embraced lean (or “Toyota Production System”, as it is referred to […]

Understanding and Application of Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge in Healthcare

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Experiences of and Lessons Learned by the Healthcare Value Network’s “Acceleration & Assessment Team” Abstract: It is uncommon to find a healthcare organization’s management that will state that they are following Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s management philosophy. It is more common to find organizations that are pursuing the application of what is being called “lean”. Starting in […]

Massachusetts Payment Reform Model: Results and Lessons

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In 2009, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts introduced a payment reform model called the Alternative Quality Contract (AQC). The AQC employs a population-based global budget coupled with significant financial incentives based upon performance on a broad set of quality measures. The twin goals of the AQC are to significantly reduce health care spending growth […]