Creating a Sustainable Lean Culture: Connecting the “Product” and the “People” Value Streams

Are you becoming frustrated with kaizen events and isolated improvement projects that yield great short-term results but are not sustained?  Is your company searching for something more?  Learn the culture of continuous improvement and how processes and people align to cultivate problem solving.

During this two-day workshop, we explore the unique culture of Toyota, learning about “what it is.”  Participants will also define “how to get it” and identify “how to keep it.”  The course is intended to demonstrate how connecting and simultaneously developing the “Product” and the “People” value streams helps accelerate your lean implementation setting a foundation for a sustainable lean culture. Learn how to assess your organization to reveal gaps in its leadership, technical and human systems that need to be addressed in order to build a lean culture.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the role of Human Resources in supporting a lean transformation
  • Identify key Human systems for supporting process improvement including the development of leaders
  • Describe how to create systems and infrastructure to make problems visible and engage team members at all levels in a rigorous problem-solving and continuous-improvement process
  • Understand why focusing on “cost cutting” is the wrong approach and how lean thinking can actually improve your profits and cash flow. Cite why “delegating lean” to others doesn’t work, and may actually hurt your bottom line
  • State the key components of establishing a lean culture of mutual trust, respect and continuous improvement

Schedule: 2-days (8:00 am – 4:00 pm)

Pre-reading: None

Recommended Reading: Lean Thinking, 2nd Edition by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones, Getting the Right Things Done: A leader’s guide to planning and execution by Pascal Dennis, Toyota Culture: The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way by Jeffrey K. Liker and Michael Hoseus

Recommended Prerequisite Sessions: None

Who Should Attend: Clinical and nonclinical leaders across the healthcare industry


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