Organization Lean Assessment for the Leadership Team

Do you know whether leaders in your organization are practicing principle-based behaviors? Do you have evidence that they are contributing to creating a culture of problem solving?

At Catalysis we believe that a lean transformation starts with a deep understanding of the principles of enterprise excellence. These principles guide behaviors practiced at all levels of the organization and inform organizational system design. The purpose of conducting an organization lean assessment based on the principles of enterprise excellence is to document the current condition and guide the development of specific goals and improvement plans for the lean transformation of the organization. The process begins with a self-assessment of organizational behavior by the senior team using an instrument provided by Catalysis and administered real-time with the group. Following the completion of the survey the Catalysis team visits the organization to review the self-assessment results and spend time observing improvement-related activities.  The Catalysis team then proceeds to prepare their own assessment using the same tool and facilitates a discussion around the differences between the two assessments.

At the end of this work session the executive team will obtain the following:

  • A report outlining results of the self-assessment and Catalysis assessment
  • Recommendations for next steps in the lean transformation of the organization

Schedule: 1.5-days (Day 1, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and Day 2, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm)

Pre-reading: Pre-reading will be assigned prior to the session

Recommended Reading: Management on the Mend: The Healthcare Executive Guide to System Transformation by John Toussaint, MD

Recommended Prerequisite Sessions: Catalysis Executive Site Visit

Who Should Attend: Senior leadership team

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